Are you interested in learning the Belline Oracle? then you have come to the right place.

I present to you this audiovisual course designed for you, where you will find more than 3 hours of training videos and you will learn from the most basic concepts to an advanced level.
The complete course is divided into 4 weeks detailed as follows:

week 1
Know the meaning of the Cards and Planets
important details
Card purification
2 cards exercises

week 2
identify health problems
identify trades
Character traits
Dating events
3 cards exercises
Health exercises

week 3
specific queries
Shepherd's Star Method
What do you think of me ?
frame personality
Consult on line 7 cards
4 cards exercises

week 4
complete queries
4 column method
rectangle method (20 cards)
extended rectangle method (21 cards)
Consult on line 7 cards - advanced

What do I get when I buy this course?

  • Access to all videos on Youtube in HD 1920 x 1080 format
  • A copy of the book «Oracle Belline – complete training» in PDF format, translated into English and valued at 23 euros.
  • Audio: Spanish – Subtitle: English
  • Private consultation by email, of doubts, questions and pending issues that have arisen throughout the course.

Price 80 €

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